Welcome to The First Presbyterian Church of Darien, Georgia

We are very excited about your presence here today! We want our website to be a simple and comfortable space for you to get to know us better. You’ll find information about church happenings, opportunities to continue your spiritual journey with God, and places you might share your gifts with us.
At Darien First we are challenged every new day to come out of the “comfort zone” of our lives and let Jesus’ light shine in our community and beyond. We are simply called to be “the people we say we are.” It’s not so much about seating capacity that matters; it’s more about sending capacity in the name of the Lord!
Your spiritual journey may be brand new or one of many experiences, but we want to share an accepting and nurturing congregation that looks forward to the relationships God will provide. Young or old, weak or strong, we are here as God’s people to serve and love beyond the four walls of His church. We also hope that God will lead you here for a visit and will give us an opportunity to know you better.
Please join us in the ministries of FPC and experience a closeness to each other and to God. It is a blessing as we all come together in service to our risen Lord.