To our Church Family,
To our Church Family,November will mark a time of new beginnings for our congregation. After eight long months we will once again gather for Sunday Service of the Lord’s Day worship. It is with great joy that we ask you to mark your calendars for Sunday, Nov. l, 11:00 AM. This 40-minute service will follow our order of historic Christian worship concluding with the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper- Word and Table. The singing of hymns will be adapted to facilitate wearing masks.

Seven weeks ago, we started with small group meetings based on the biblical model of corporate prayer in 1 Kings (Chapter 8). Faithfully we gathered and asked God to intervene in this time of plague and sickness. A time of great physical, mental, and spiritual need. We now celebrate the victories of answered prayer.
This has been difficult for all of us as we wondered week by week when we would be able to call our congregation back together again. For the safety of everyone in our church the Session established stringent guidelines in order for this to happen. The criteria included:

1. A significant reduction in the of the number of new COVID cases in McIntosh County, sustained for a minimum of 14 consecutive days.
2. A rate of positive tests under 5%.
3. A lowering of the Transmission Index to the “Moderate” level or below.

We are pleased and relieved to announce that as of last Sunday, Oct. 18 all criteria have been met.
The Session has been making preparations for many months. Sanitation supplies were ordered to make available at the front doors. The Social Hall, which will house our worship services for now, was sanitized and HEPA ventilation filters were ordered to “scrub” the air. Our prayer meetings served as a trial run to put into place CDC guidelines such as proper distancing of seats, safe traffic flow, and the placing of information placards. Additionally, we found and “practiced” a method of administering Communion that significantly reduces the risks associated with food and drink serving.

Our Treasurer and the Session would like the congregation to be aware that while costcutting measures were implemented this has been a time of unforeseen financial burden. Offering plates will be situated at the entrances and exits.

Finally, we ask for the protection of others that mask are worn inside the building and throughout the worship service.
In the Joy of the Lord,

Pastor Jimmy